What We See

Photos: Toronto Pig Save, Toronto Cow Save, Toronto Chicken Save

Animals being transported to slaughter:

Watch Toronto Pig Save founder Anita Krajnc’s interview with CTV News on transporting animals in extreme cold.

Lori Croonen, Toronto Pig Save:

The pigs are always scared but always kind to us. Please join us to share their plight with the world, people see these images and make the connection and refuse to contribute to this injustice any longer

CCFA director, Vicki Fecteau’s comments on the vigils:

I attended the Cow Save vigil on January 29, 2019. The vigils takes place outside Ryder Regency Meat packers, but  St. Helen's is right across the street.  First, the stench - I had my scarf pulled up over my nose - partially because of the cold, but also to keep out the smell. I cannot imagine what it is like in  the summer. At Ryder, the security hold the trucks for a couple of minutes so that activists can take pictures. I tried to get a couple, but I have not gotten the "hang" of quickly taking pictures through the openings in the truck. Also my hands were freezing in spite of two pairs of gloves.Besides the trucks arriving at both slaughterhouses, there were trucks taking away "the remains" - e.g. heads, apparently fetuses of dairy cows that are slaughtered, other parts. There was at least one truck with dairy cows while I was there. There were also other trucks picking up skins to take to a tannery down the street. The whole scene was just a nightmare. I do not know how people can live in the vicinity. Paul McCartney once said (paraphrasing) "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." I think one visit to that place would convince most people.I also attended Toronto Pig Save vigil a couple of weeks ago. They are not cooperative at all re allowing pictures. The trucks that come from 401 slow down to time the light so they do not have to stop. If they come on Harvester Road, they use the middle lane so it is impossible to get pictures without walking into traffic.

Anne Griffin, CCFA Director:

I bore witness to the pigs at Quality Meat Packers when it was open and at times, the smell was so bad, I was nauseated and had to walk away from the trucks, the pigs couldn’t though and they have a much keener sense of smell than we do.

Note: the temperature and wind were recorded at noon of the day the photos were taken. The temperatures were actual, not adjusted for wind chill or humidex.

CCFA gratefully acknowledges the sharing of these photos from Toronto Pig Save, Toronto Cow Save, Toronto Chicken Save.